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Information Science & Systems

Maxim Bushuev

Dr. Maxim Bushuev

Associate Professor , Information Science & Systems

Office: GSBM 534
Phone: 443-885-4876


Ph.D. Kent State University - Operations Management (Applied Statistics minor), 2013

M.B.A. Chadron State College - Business Administration, 2009

Ph.D. Voronezh State Technological Academy - Technical Sciences, 2006

B.S. Voronezh State Technological Academy - Automation Engineering, 2001


Maxim A. Bushuev is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Science and Systems at Morgan State University. He holds Ph.D. in Operations Management from Kent State University, MBA from Chadron State College, Ph.D. in Technical Sciences and B.S. in Automation Engineering from Voronezh State Technological Academy (Russia). Prior to joining Morgan State University, Dr. Bushuev has taught at Kent State University - Geauga and Voronezh State Technological Academy as an assistant professor. He is a member of professional associations such as the Association for Operations Management, Decision Science Institute, and Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Dr. Bushuev's research focuses on two main streams:

  • supply chain delivery performance where costs associated with delivery process within supply chain are analyzed from a supplier's and a buyer's perspective; 
  • production planning including aggregate production planning models with financial elements and multiple objective functions.

He uses stochastic modeling and optimization techniques as the main methodology. In addition to the main research interests, he is receptive to cross disciplinary research opportunities and combining the major research interests with other areas of study. His current research is on the application of Blockchain in Supply chain management. 

His papers have been published in International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, Management Research Review, Nutrients, and Control Systems and Information Technologies: Scientific and Technical Journal.

Research Interests:
Supply Chain Management; Blockchain; Production/Operations Management; Interface of Operations Management and other business disciplines

Refereed Journal Articles:

Tao, L., Liang, A., Bushuev M.A. Supply chain delivery performance improvement:  A white box perspective. International Journal of Production Research, forthcoming.

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Book Chapters

Brown, J. R., Bushuev, M. A., Kretinin, A. A. and Guiffrida, A. L. Recent Developments in Green Supply Chain Management: Sourcing and Logistics. Green Supply Chain Management for Sustainable Business Practice, M. Khan, M. Hussain, and M. Ajmal (Eds.), IGI Global Publishing.