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Information Science & Systems

Mary Dunaway

Dr. Mary Dunaway

Assistant Professor , Information Science & Systems

Office: GSBM 578
Phone: 443-885-3836


PhD Information Systems, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 2014
MBA Amberton University, Garland, Texas, 1989
BS Computer Science, Southern University, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1983


Dr. Dunaway received her Ph.D. in Information Systems from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. She is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), since 2004. Dr. Dunaway has managed many Enterprise Technology systems consulting projects at Fortune 500 organizations. She serves as a member in professional associations such as the Project Management Institute, Association for Information Systems, and Decision Sciences Institute. Dr. Dunaway’s teaching has been recognized as being innovative along with recognition in research for best paper nominations at academic conferences. Mary is currently serving as a 2023-24 Global Tableau Ambassador and Coordinator of the Masters of Data Analytics and Visualization. She is a Data Culture advocate passionate about helping everyone see and understand data. Her current topic, “Project Management Analytics” has gained strong interest and has been presented at the Washington, DC and Silver Spring chapters of PMI, University of Virginia School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and government agencies – US Department of Agriculture, US Census Bureau.

Research Interests

Organizational Capabilities; Artificial Intelligence; Information Systems Education; Negative Internet Behaviors

Journal Articles

Macharia, M. & Dunaway, M.(2023). The Mediating and Moderating role of Digital Citizenship on Cyberbullying, Information Technology and People(forthcoming).

Sullivan, Y. W., Wamba, S. F., Dunaway, M.(2023). The Internet of Things and Competitive Advantage. Journal of the Association of Information Systems, 24(3), 745-781.

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Dunaway, M., & Kumi, R. (2021). Instructor-learner Interaction: Pre-and Post-interaction in an IS Technical Course. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 48(1), 14.

Sullivan, Y., deBourmont, M., Dunaway, M. (2020). Appraisals of Harms and Injustice Trigger an Eerie Feeling that Decreases Trust in Artificial Intelligence Systems, Annals of Operations Research, 1-24.

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Book Chapters

Dunaway, M. An Examination of ERP Learning Outcomes: A Text Mining Approach,Analytics and Data Science: Advances in Research and Pedagogy (Eds. Deokar, Gupta, Iyer, Jones), Annals of Information Systems, 21, 2018.

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Industry Magazine

Dunaway, M. (Spring 2019). Project Management Analytics: Improving Business Decisions. Enterprise Magazine, Morgan State University Publication, Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management, p16.

Dunaway, M. (Spring 2019). IoT: Transforming Firm Dynamic Capabilities", Enterprise Magazine., Morgan State University Publication, Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management, p.7.

Conference Papers

Dunaway, M. & Macharia, The Impact of Digital Citizenship on Gendered Cyberbullying. 2022 AMCIS, Minneapolis, MN.

Macharia, M. & Dunaway, M. Digital Citizens and Cyberbullying: Does Gender Matter?. 2019 ICIS IS Education Special Interest Group (IS-ESIG), Munich, Germany.

Dunaway, M., Sullivan, Y.& Fosso, S. Building Dynamic Capabilities with the Internet of Things. HICCS 2019 Conference Proceedings, Maui, HI.

Dunaway, M. "Collaboration in a Data Analytics Curricula: An Active Learning Approach," AMCIS 2017 Conference Proceedings, Boston, MA.

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Dunaway, M. Disentangling Factors Impacting Emotionally Intelligent IT Teams. IACIS 2014 Conference Proceedings, Las Vegas, NV.

Dunaway, M. & Sabherwal, R. Understanding the role of Transactive Memory Systems and Knowledge Management Mechanisms on Team Performance, ICIS 2012 conference, Nominated for Best Paper award.

Dunaway, M. & Bristow, S. ERP Functional Role Orientation: A Situated Learning Approach, 2012 HEC Symposium on Experiential Learning in IT Education and poster.

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Majorique-Leger, Pierre, F., Davis, D., Perret, J., & Dunaway, M. Psychophysiological correlates of Cognitive Absorption, Pre-ICIS 2010 HCI workshop.