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Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISE)

ISE Graduate Programs

The Industrial Engineering Program provides students with the knowledge, skills and tools to design and improve processes, and apply the basic factors of production (people, machines, materials, information, and energy) to make products and deliver goods and services. The program seeks to provide students with a broad array of talents and experiences that would enable them to work in multi-disciplinary and diverse teams to solve a wide variety of problems. At the same time, the program allows for some focus in a concentration area, such as engineering management, manufacturing systems, information and systems engineering, and ergonomics and human factors.

Because industrial production is a critical part of national prosperity and strength, today’s industrial engineers are expected to be creative in problem solving, and to work with new and improved production machinery, robots and automation systems, computers, and in general, new technology, to produce high quality goods and services at low cost and/or for the maximum benefit to society.

The technical, socio-economic and cultural nature of industrial engineering problems requires the industrial engineer to be highly skilled in the basic sciences, computers, engineering, and analytical methods, and to have a broad training that encompasses the behavioral sciences, economics and management, human relations, as well as consciousness of the environment.

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