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Industrial and Systems Engineering

Dr. Seong W. Lee

Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering

Office: Schaefer Engineering Building (SEB), Room 330
Phone: 443-885-3106

Dr. Seong W. Lee currently serves as a Professor in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Morgan State University (MSU). Dr. Lee is the founding Director of the Research Laboratory for the Advanced Energy Systems & Environmental Control Technologies of the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. School of Engineering at MSU. Dr. Lee joined Morgan State University in 1991 and has been dedicated on teaching, research and service. He enjoys teaching and has won several teaching and research awards.

Prior to joining Morgan, Dr. Lee worked as a research associate and engineer at the Mechanical Systems Division of the Naval Research Laboratory from 1989 to 1991.   He also worked at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) as a visiting scholar and research faculty during the year 2010.  Dr. Lee has been twice a winner  of the Daily Record’s Innovator of the Year Award (2015 and 2010).  Dr. Lee is also a recipient of Morgan State University’s 2018 Intellectual Property Innovation Award and 2019 Patent Award (US Patent#10,253,974B1). In 2018, Dr. Lee and his research team  executed Morgan’s  first-ever technology licensing contract for ”Method & Design of the Ultra-Clean Mobile Combustor for Waste Biomass and Poultry Litter Disposal” commonly referred to as CycloBurn. The technology, which was developed at Dr. Lee’s research lab here at Morgan, is commercialized by a Maryland company, Cykloburn Technologies, LLC.

As a Director of the research laboratory, he has focused on discovery, implementation, and advancement of new technologies to improve energy utilization, energy systems design, fabrication, testing, evaluation, analysis, and environmental control technology development for use by state/federal governments, industry and academia. Dr. Lee’s Research labs have well-collaborated with several industry partners along with Morgan's Office of Tech Transfer (OTT) to support on-going Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) Programs and related research projects.

Dr. Lee has made significant contributions to the development of the efficient biomass process, combustion and emissions control technologies for the advanced  energy  systems, gasification processes, design and testing of  various biomass materials and biofuel reactors, renewable energy technologies (fuel cell, solar, photovoltaic, wind turbine module), thermo-fluid flow, numerical modeling and simulation, optical & laser-based diagnostic instrumentation, and feedback control system and data acquisition system for solid and liquid rocketry  models and related technologies. Dr. Lee has published more than 150 journal papers, conference proceedings, book chapters, and developed numerous research proposals, in addition to several outreach and joint educational programs.