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History & Geography

Dexter Blackman

Dr. Dexter Blackman

Associate Professor, History & Geography

Office: 304 BSSC
Phone: 443-885-1781


Ph.D. History - Georgia State Univ.
M.A. History - North Carolina Central Univ.
B.A. History - North Carolina Central Univ.

Dr. Blackman researches and studies in the fields of African American, the African Diaspora, U.S. Foreign Policy and the Cold War histories, and African-American Studies. He is currently completing the book manuscript, We Are Standing Up for Humanity: Black Power, the Black Athletic Experience, and the 1968 Olympic Project for Human Rights.

Undergraduate CoursesAfrican American History, African Diaspora-Honors, Cold War, Civil Rights, Historical Methods, Sports and Black Advancement, and Intro to African American Studies

Graduate Courses: By Any Means Necessary: Pan Africanism and the Cold War, The Black Power Movement,The Black Radical Tradition, and Historical Methods

Select Publications and Scholarship

“The story behind this iconic Olympics protest” VOX, July 9, 2020,

“When I couldn’t bedazzle them with brilliance, I bamboozled them with bullshit’: Harry Edwards, Black Power, and Countering the Mainstream Media’s Repression of the Revolt of the Black Athlete,” American Journalism, (Winter 2021), V. 38, 2: 150-176.

“RUN, JUMP, OR SHUFFLE”: The OPHR, Boycotting the 1968 NYAC track meet, and Black Power,” Souls: A Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society, May 2019: 1-25.

“The Negro Athlete and Victory’: Athletics and Athletes as Advancement Strategies in Black America, 1890s-1930s,” Sport History Review, (May 2016), 47, 1: 46-68.

“African-American Pan-Africanism and the Anti-Apartheid Movement to expel South Africa from the 1968 Olympics,” The Journal of Pan African Studies, 5, 3, June 2012: 1-19.