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Department of History, Geography, and Museum Studies


Did you know that Morgan State History and Geography majors can get three history credits for completing an internship?

In addition to the credits (through History 498) you will get a good deal of experience that may lead to other jobs and will certainly give you a better sense of what you like and do not like about history related jobs. Additionally, some internships also pay students to participate.

If you are interested, the process is very simple. Set up a face-to-face or Zoom meeting with the internship coordinator, Dr. Peskin, by emailing him at, phoning at (443)885-1783 (university phones do not take texts) or dropping by his office, BSSC 322.

When you meet with Dr. Peskin, he will ask you about your interests and try to find an internship that matches those interests. He receives notifications from lots of interested employers and also has many contacts of his own. If you already have an idea for an internship, bring that with you, and he’ll let you know if that will work as a history internship.

Once you start the internship, there are a number of policies, which you can find in our policy statement. One important thing to know is that after your meeting, you will need to sign up for HIST 498 to get credit. That course will count toward your majors as a history requirement.

Some available internships include:

For more info on these or many other internship possibilities contact Dr. Peskin ( , (443)885-1783, BSSC 322)