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Food Resource Center

Shopping at the Food Resource Center

The Morgan State University Food Resource Center has partnered with PantrySoft to create a One Stop shopping experience for all Morganites (Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni). The Food Resource Center PantrySoft application allows you to shop and visit the Food Resource Center to pick up your order!!

Please see the instructions below to create your PantrySoft Account and start shopping for the upcoming Food Resource Center Shop Day!! Please click this link to start shopping: #WeGotUrBag

How to Create Your PantrySoft Account:

Please click on the following link to create your PantrySoft Account: #WeGotUrBag

  1. Once you arrive to the PantrySoft main page, please click Sign Up
  2. Enter the required information:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Username (the beginning of your MSU email address)
    4. Email (your MSU email address)
    5. Password ( please create a password you will remember)
  3. Click Sign Up

How To Log In:

The Log-In page will appear on your screen.

Please log into PantrySoft utilizing the Log-In credentials created in the previous step.

Please complete the Registration Form:

Please complete all required fields in the Registration Form. Once all fields are completed, please click on Save and Continue

Please note, once you've completed the Registration Form during your initial log-in, you will not be required to complete the form again.

How To Schedule Your Shop Day:
  1. Click the drop down box beside the question: For What Type of Visit? 
  2. Please click on the option Student Shop Day
  3. The upcoming Shop Date and Times will appear. Please click on the orange plus sign located on the right hand side of the screen.
  4. Next, the comment and feedback section appear, please skip this section and click on Save and Continue
How To Shop:

IMPORTANT: The system provides each shopper with a maximum of 15 minutes to shop and check-out. Please do not leave the system idle longer than 1 minute

  1. The screen will provide a list of categories (similar to the Grocery Store), and review the items in each category.
  2. Click on the orange plus sign for the amount of each item you want. 
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the webpage, and click the orange button titled Open Cart To Checkout
  4. Your completed Shopping Card will appear on the right hand side. Confirm all of your times are correct. Click the orange button titled Checkout Now!
  5. Your order confirmation will appear on your screen. Please screenshot your order confirmation for your records.