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Food Resource Center

Nationwide, food insecurities have plagued college campuses and has impacted students, greatly! In Spring 2018, the Division of Student Affairs conducted a survey of administration, faculty, staff, and student. Collectively, Morgan completed a total of 780 surveys with a strong agreement, of a combined response of about 96%, that a food resource is needed. The study has found that students are skipping meal, borrowing food or money, and eating food that is less preferred.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) through its Economic Research Service monitors the foos security of U.S. households through an annual, nationally representative survey. The USDA Food Security and Nutrition Assistance survey collected data which includes: the prevelence of Food Insecurity in 2021 is unchanged from 2020, Food Insecurity Rates based on population and household characteristics, the percentage of children affected by Food Insecurity, the prevelance of Food Insecurity, spending totals on USDA food and nutrition assistance programs, and other topics. For more information regarding this survey, please click here: Food Security and Nutrition Assistance publiched an article detailing Food Insecurity On College Campuses: The Invisible Epidemic in 2022. According to the article, in the year before COVID-19, 10.5 percent of United States households (which equates to 35 million Americans) were food insecure. Since March 2022, some have estimated that the rate has doubled. Food insecurity impacts a students academic performance, health and well-being, and are most likely to report indicators of stress and depression. The 

The Food Resource Center (FRC) aims to educate our MSU family on healthy strategies and methods such as couponing, food prep, nutritional value and proper food selection. Ultimately, focusing on the overall well-being of the individual through healthy eating habits and health promotion.

Vision of the Food Resource Center

The Food Resource Center's vision is to create and sustain an environment of healthy eating and overall well-being that contributes to student success beyond the classroom. 

Mission of the Food Resource Center

The Food Resource Center's mission is to progressively work to relieve Morgan State University students of hunger and food insecurity through FREE food collection and distribution. The FRC has formed strong partnerships, internally and externally, to provide resources to our students to demonstrates and reinforce we are a community that cares; while operating with integrity, compassion, empathy, and confidentiality to support the various needs of our students.