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Electrical & Computer Engineering

Smart Cities Research Experience for Undergraduates and Teachers (SCR2)

The Smart City REU/RET trains students and teachers in a variety of cutting-edge technologies related to research in Smart and Connected Cities. Participants work side-by-side with leading researchers across multiple institutions with projects relating to the Internet of Things, Energy Storage Systems, Nanomaterials, and Sensor Networks, Smart Grid Systems, Materials Research, and Intelligent and Pervasive Computing. This program offers an excellent opportunity for students to explore various electrical and computer engineering research topics while gaining experience in the process of conducting research. Teachers get exposed to various engineering topics and hands-on projects that they can leverage to enhance their class activities to better inspire their students to pursue careers in electrical and computer engineering.



  • Minimum GPA 2.5
  • 8 Weeks summer research experience for students/teachers
  • On-campus housing for students
  • $6,000 stipends with a travel allowance
  • Research opportunities in emerging areas related to smart and connected cities (SCC) with experience mentors across multiple sites


  • 6 Weeks summer research experience
  • $6,000 stipends
  • Research opportunities in emerging areas related to smart and connected cities (SCC) with experienced mentors
  • Teachers will incorporate hands-on SCC learning modules and develop long-term relationships with faculty and graduate students

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Disclaimer: "This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Award Number 1849454."