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Public Health Program

Doctor of Public Health

The Public Health Program offers The Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) generalist specialization which provides its students with research, policymaking, program planning, and cultural skills. Graduates are competent in the development and implementation of health promotion and disease prevention programs that support behavior change at the community, family, and individual levels.

To be considered for the DrPH program, applicants must have earned a Master's Degree in a health or social science discipline from an accredited College or University with a minimum academic grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or above. If the earned master's degree is not the MPH degree. Transcripts will be evaluated to determine if the core MPH level courses, or equivalent content, were taken in achieving the required Master's degree. Students admitted with a degree other than the MPH may be required to fulfill additional course requirements. Successful applicants are admitted to the DrPH program only in the fall semester.

DrPH Program of Study
Matriculating DrPH students must complete a doctoral curriculum designed to provide advanced-level knowledge of the five domains of public health plus other foundational courses. Combined these courses cover advanced areas of epidemiology, environmental health, biostatistics, research methods, health planning, and policy administration as well as social and behavioral factors in public health. In addition to satisfactorily completing the core courses in each of the five domains of public health, doctoral students must pass a core competency exam, satisfy 12 credits in electives, complete a practicum and satisfy all dissertation requirements for the degree.

Doctor of Public Health Curriculum