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Center for Urban Health Equity

The mission of Center for Urban Health Equity (CUHE) is to positively impact the root causes of urban health disparities through asset-based community driven research and practice.

The Center for Urban Health Equity (CUHE) is an opportunity for Morgan State University to bring its unique history, perspective, knowledge and approaches to research and practice as the basis for addressing one of the most troubling aspects of current society –health inequity. With this Center, Morgan State University is working toward the vision of thriving health communities for all.

The goals of the Center are to:

  1. Enhance capability of communities to address urban health disparities and increase health equity through supported community-based scholarship
  2. Identify strengths and illuminate structural inequities to inform decision-making through data driven approaches
  3. Build knowledge and skills regarding health equity within the University and beyond
  4. Educate and disseminate new knowledge from urban health equity research
  5. Foster and facilitate coordination and collaboration of health equity efforts across the state

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