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Coronavirus Information & Resources

Reimbursement & Refunds

Morgan State University is issuing refunds of room, board, and certain fees (on a pro rata basis) to those students who have paid the University for these services for the Spring 2020 semester but who are not on campus due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

All refunds will be subject to Federal Aid and Title IV guidelines and may vary depending on a number of factors, including but not limited to, unpaid balances, the specific original room and board charges, and other charges applicable to each student, and institutional grants received.

Refund amounts are expected to be credited to student accounts by mid-May, if not sooner, and most students will receive refunds within two weeks from the credits being posted. Eligible MSU students will receive a prorated refund for University sponsored housing and meal plans, and the following fees:

  • Athletic
  • Auxiliary Facilities
  • Academic Facilities

Your refund will be posted as a credit to your student account and will be applied first to any outstanding balances. Remaining balances will be disbursed to students using BankMobile, our refund partner, through your preselected refund preference. If you are among the few students who have not already done so, please see BankMobile's instructions for selecting a refund preference. Electronic delivery of refunds is the fastest and most secure method of receiving your funds.

Mandatory Fees Refund

MSU is refunding 43.75% of the total Athletic, Auxiliary Facilities, and Academic Facilities fees for the Spring 2020 semester. This calculation is based on 7 weeks of remote instruction out of the 16 week spring semester.

Housing Refund 

Residential Life refunds are prorated by calculating the daily room rate multiplied by the 62 unused housing days remaining in the semester from the beginning of remote instruction. Refunds reflect adjustments based on the student's housing assignment. Students that have remained in University sponsored housing will not receive a refund.

Meal Plan Refund

Student meal plan refunds are based on the daily rate for Spring 2020. Meal plan refunds are prorated by calculating the daily rate associated with the relevant active meal plan multiplied by the 62 unused days remaining in the semester from the beginning of remote instruction.

Should you have any additional questions, please email