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Coronavirus Information & Resources

A Message from the Offices of the Finance & Management, Student Affairs, and EMASS

Fall Operations Update August 12, 2020

Dear Morganites:

We know the decision to stay remote for the fall semester is very disappointing to many of you. However, we want you to know it was a decision made with the overall best interest of our entire campus community's health, safety, and welfare in mind.

As we plan to continue with most of our Fall 2020 courses offered via remote and online learning, we want to provide you with information that will assist you as we collectively navigate this territory. In the next few days, we will be posting FAQs on the University's coronavirus FAQ page and encourage you to check that page, as well as the University's coronavirus update page, regularly. Please direct any questions or concerns to

Housing and Meal Plan (Room and Board)

Students with existing fall housing assignments on-campus or in University-leased housing and those with meal plans (board) should note that all housing and meal plans will be canceled. No action is required on your part unless you want to be considered for fall housing due to extenuating personal or academic circumstances. We are currently making arrangements to credit the housing and meal plan (board) charges to students' accounts. Additionally, students will be eligible for a refund of the (paid) $200.00 application fee and there will not be a penalty for canceling a housing contract due to the University's decision to remain online and remote due to COVID-19.

Students residing at Morgan View who desire to cancel their leases must follow up with the Morgan View Leasing Office ( Students who decide to continue their leases at Morgan View who have meal plans through Morgan will have the meal plan's cost credited to their account. Commuter meal plans will not be available for the Fall 2020 Semester.

All housing and meal plan charges will be reversed on your account and, if they result in a credit, a refund will be issued. You will be able to see these adjustments to your account in the Student Portal and in Websis and refunds should be issued within thirty days. Please note that in most instances, students will not be eligible for refunds of institutional funds.

Extenuating Circumstances

Morgan will provide housing on campus for a limited number of students who have "extenuating personal or academic circumstances." Students with extenuating circumstances who wish to be considered for on-campus or University-leased housing must submit their request online. This includes students assigned to Marble Hall Gardens and HH Midtown and want to be considered for housing at these facilities. Students with meal plans at Marble Hall Gardens and HH Midtown will have the cost of their meal plans credited to their account.

Students approved to live in on-campus or University-leased housing will attend all courses online and will be required to agree and provide consent regarding the Addendum to the Terms and Conditions of the University Residence Hall and Dining Hall Agreement. Additionally, students will be expected to comply with all public health and safety measures including social distancing, mask wearing and regular testing for COVID-19 as directed.

Any student approved for housing must provide verification of a negative COVID-19 test prior to moving into any on-campus or University-leased housing. The test result must be submitted electronically to our University Health Center at before an assignment will be sent to move into on-campus or University-leased housing. Students approved to access the campus for academic reasons or live in University-leased housing will be required to participate in the University's testing protocols twice a week.

Campus Operations

Campus operations will be significantly reduced and will be very limited. We are still working out the logistics of various campus operations to ensure that we can provide our community with a high level of service in the safest manner possible. Stay tuned for more information regarding campus operations as we draw closer to the start of the semester.


Classes will begin on September 9, and end on December 15. Almost all courses will be offered in a remote or online format. The schedule of classes is currently being updated to reflect the changes in course delivery and should be completely updated by August 14. The definitions of each type of course on the schedule is as follows:

  1. Web-only/fully online: Offered asynchronously, meaning the class does not meet at a set time. Materials are posted online, and students can access and complete the materials in a more flexible time frame. These courses are reflected in the schedule as Online - Web-Based. The course section will start with a W to indicate web-only. Ex: MATH 241.W01.
  2. Remote instruction: Classes will take place at the set time reflected in the schedule and students will participate remotely (through live streaming). These courses are reflected in the schedule as Remote Instruction and will provide the meeting schedule of the courses. Students are expected to participate in the course at the times listed in the schedule.

Special course arrangements are being granted for upper level Nursing majors, ROTC students and those engaged in internships, field work, or practicums. Please speak with your faculty advisor or department if you have any questions or need additional information regarding these unique courses. In general, if you are unclear about your schedule and think you may need to make changes, you should contact your academic advisor for assistance prior to making any changes.

Student Financials

Tuition & Fees (Billing)

In late July, President Wilson announced that the University will not increase its tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year. Dr. Wilson also noted in the same announcement that Morgan State University will implement a fifteen (15) percent reduction in University fees this fall semester. This reduction has already been applied to all student accounts.

Students should review their account in the Student Portal or in Websis and begin making satisfactory payment arrangements toward their Fall 2020 bill as soon as possible. The student portal allows you to grant access to a parent, guardian, or another individual who might be assisting you with your college journey. The University has several payment plan options to assist students in spreading payments out over time.

Institutional Aid

The University has invested another $2 million in institutional aid for students. Students with documented financial need may apply for institutional scholarships and grants through the MSU AcademicWorks online application. Students experiencing an exceptional financial crisis that impedes their academic progress and success may apply for assistance through the Growing the Future Opportunity Fund. Support may include, but is not necessarily limited to, direct financial assistance and loans of computer equipment.

We were very much looking forward to welcoming our new first-time students to campus and welcoming our returning students home. We understand that this news may be disappointing as so many of you were looking forward to being on campus this fall, however, we must always make decisions that prioritize the health, safety, and care of our entire community while fulfilling our core academic mission.


Mr. Sidney Evans, Jr., Vice President for Finance and Management / CFO
Dr. Kevin Banks, Vice President for Student Affairs
Dr. Kara Turner, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success