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Office of the Bursar

Adjustments For Withdrawals

Undergraduate students who register for a full schedule (12 credits or more) and who drop courses after the official beginning of classes at the university shall not be entitled to a refund based on a credit-hour charge. Also students dismissed for disciplinary reasons shall not be entitled to any tuition and fee refund.

Students who withdraw from the University while the semester is in progress will be credited for tuition
according to the following schedule:

Period from Date Instruction Begins Percentage of Tuition Refundable
Prior to beginning of classes
Two weeks or less
Between two & three weeks
Between three & four weeks
Between four and five weeks
Over five weeks

Mandatory Fees are non-refundable after instruction begins:

Mandatory Fees include Student Activity fee, Athletic fee, Student Union Operating fee, Student Union
Auxiliary fee, and Insurance.

Reminder to receive any adjustment, the student must officially withdraw. NOT ATTENDING CLASS is
not a withdrawal.

See Office of Residence Life for refund policy regarding Room & Board charges.

See Office of Financial Aid for adjustments made to aid award based on withdrawal from University.

Visit for your refund status