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Office of the Bursar

Student Accounts - Billing

Formal billing statements are mailed out each month, with the exception of January and August due to the registration schedule. During these periods, students can obtain their outstanding balance from the WEB SIS, the University's web site. Students not completing the registration process in April for the Fall term or November for the Spring term will be issued account statements during the "walk-in" (late) registration. Students are responsible for reviewing their billing statements and reporting any anomalies to the Office of the Bursar.

Students must make financial arrangements by the prescribed due dates to avoid schedule cancellation
and late registration charges. Students can view their financial status for the semester on WebSIS (View HOLDS).

Satisfactory financial arrangements means that the combined total of financial aid awards; check,
cash or credit card payments; executed University or TuitionPay deferments, and approved third party
payments, equals or exceeds charges to your account.

Tuition and fees charges are determined on an annual basis and vary between Maryland resident and nonresident students.

Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fee assessments provide for the following services and benefits entitles the student admission to all athletic contests sponsored directly by the University and use of the athletic facilities, i.e., athletic fields, tennis courts, exercise rooms, swimming pool, racquetball courts, etc.

Student Activities Fee

Entitles the student admission to cultural activities such as concerts, presentations, lectures and copies of the University newspaper, The Spokesman. The fee also supports the Student Government Association, associated activities and events.

Health Insurance Fee

Provides semester coverage to full-time undergraduate students for accidents sustained and illnesses that occur during the semester. Optional plans are available for part-time undergraduate and graduate students.

Student Center Fee

Supports the operation of the Student Center and programs and activities housed within it.

Auxiliary Facilities Fee

Contributes toward the construction of major repairs and refurbishment of self-supporting facilities to maintain quality commuter and resident life services and facilities.

Academic Facilities Fee

Supplements the State’s investment in maintaining up- to-date instructional facilities and equipment.

Transportation Services Fee

To maintain a convenient and reliable campus transportation system and affordable parking permit rates.

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