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Department of Biology

Student Training Programs


ASCEND is "A Student-Centered, Entrepreneurship Development (ASCEND) Training Model to Increase Diversity in the Biomedical Research Workforce." The primary goal of the ASCEND model is to empower students to exchange ideas, and find their own research topic and develop it, so that they are creative and take ownership of their research.

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The NIGMS-RISE program is geared to increase the number of minority scientists in biomedical and behavioral science research. It enables students at Morgan State University to participate in biomedical and behavioral research and go on to obtain the Ph.D. degree.

For more on NIGMS/RISE, please contact:

Grace Nyambura at 443 885 4339

or email at


This program is designed to provide financial assistance to full-time MSU science, engineering, and mathematics (SEM) undergraduate students. SEM students are those majoring in biology, medical technology, chemistry, physics, engineering physics, computer science, mathematics, civil engineering, electrical engineering, transportation systems, and industrial engineering.

For more on WBHR-LSAMP, please contact:

Grace Nyambura at 443 885 4339

or email at