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Dr. Sheela Thiruvadi

Professor, Accounting

Office: GSBM 570
Phone: 443-885-2096


Ph.D. Florida International University - Accounting (Information Systems minor), 2008

Dr. Sheela Thiruvadi is a Professor at the Earl G Graves School of Business and Management. Her teaching interests include auditing, financial accounting, forensic accounting, and accounting information systems. She uses innovative techniques in her class. Sheela's research interests have spanned areas related to audit, gender, accounting information systems and corporate governance. She has published in many accounting and business related journals including Accounting Horizons, Journal of Forensic and Investigative Accounting, Gender in Management, Information Technology Journal, International Journal of Public Information Systems, Journal of Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business and International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences. Sheela has served as a board member on ISACA Central Maryland chapter from 2009 to 2013, as well as a member of the American Accounting Association Mid-Atlantic Region Steering Committee from 2009 to 2017.

Research Interests

Corporate Governance
Financial Accounting
Accounting Information Systems

Recent Publications

  • Omar, A., Thiruvadi, S., Makkawi, B., & Carter, K. E. (2022). The Association Between Audit Committee Financial Expert Characteristics and Audit Fees. American Journal of Management, 22(2), 85-95.

  • Carter, K. E., & Thiruvadi, S. (2021). Spillover Effects of Political Connectedness and Corporate Social Responsibility: Evidence from the Trump Administration. American Journal of Management21(2), 57-70.

  • Thiruvadi, S., Thiruvadi, S., & Carter, K. E. (2021). Audit Committee Chair Characteristics and Real Earnings Management. Journal of Accounting & Finance21(4), 1-13.

  • Lin, J., Huang, S., & Thiruvadi, S. (2016). Attitudes of Activist Shareholders, Securities Fraud, and Stock Market Reactions. Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting, 8 (1), 75-105.
  • Thiruvadi, S., Huang, H. W., Wheatley, C. M., & Thiruvadi, S. (2016). Free cash flow and debt monitoring hypotheses: Evidence from material internal control weakness disclosure. Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting8(1), 49-67.
  • El-Mahdy, D. & Thiruvadi, S. (2014). Antecedents, Characteristics and Consequences of Internal Control Deficiencies: A Comprehensive Framework. Journal of Forensic Studies in Accounting and Business, 6 (11).
  • Radhakrishnan, A., Thiruvadi, S., & David, D. (2013). An Improved Measurement Model for Internal Integration: A Systems and Contingency Approach. International Journal of Strategic Decision Sciences, 4 (4), 85-105.
  • Thiruvadi, S. (2012). Gender Differences and Audit Committee Diligence. Gender in Management: An International Journal, 27 (6).
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  • Huang, H., HongyuShih, H., Thiruvadi, S., & Song, Y. (2010). A Preliminary Research on the Lifestyle of International Students. US China Education Review, 1 (3), 401-411.
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