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Dr. Sharon Finney

Associate Professor & Department Chair, Accounting

Office: GSBM 516A
Phone: 443-885-4775



Ph.D. Georgia State University - Accounting, 1989

M.A.S. University of Illinois - Accounting, 1974

B.S. North Carolina A&T State University - Accounting, 1973

Dr. Sharon G. Finney is Chairperson of the Department of Accounting and Finance at Morgan State University. She has served in this position since August 1999. She received her B.S. degree in accounting from North Carolina A&T, a masters in accounting from the University of Illinois, and a PhD in accounting from Georgia State University.

Dr. Doe's primary areas of research include accounting students learning attitudes and teaching strategies, impact of retirement funds or incomes, diversified investments, financial accounting, and financial statement analysis.

Research Interests

Accounting education
Strategic planning implementation
Mergers and acquisitions in the oil and gas industry
Best practices for accredited accounting programs
Organizational structure for accredited business programs


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Refereed Proceedings

Full Paper:

  • Finney, S. G. (2000). An Investigation of the Relationship between Effort and Performance in Intermediate Accounting: High GPA versus Low GPA Students. National Association of Black Accountants, Proceedings of Academic Papers at 2000 National Convention., National Association of Black

Abstract Only:

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    Presentation of Refereed Papers.