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Dr. Huey-Lian Sun

Dr. Huey-Lian Sun

Professor, Accounting

Office: GSBM 520
Phone: 443-885-3971



Ph.D.  University of Houston, Houston, Texas, Accounting

M.S.  University of Houston, Houston, Texas, Accounting

M.B.A.  Washington State University, Washington State, Finance

B.A.  National Taiwan University, Taiwan, Banking 

Dr. Huey-Lian Sun is a Professor of Accounting in the School of Business and Management, Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland. She is a certified CPA and CMA. Her research interest is on issues related to financial reporting. She has published papers in academic journals including Financial Management, Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, The International Journal of Accounting, Global Finance Journal, Financial Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Quarterly Journal of Business and Economics, Review of Accounting & Finance, Journal of Information System etc.

Research Interests:

Market-based accounting research Issues in Financial Reporting


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