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Division of Academic Affairs

Additional Requirements


Transfer of credit policy description (amended) - (a)(11)

Description of written arrangements (amended) - (a)(12)

Demographic information about students (new) - (a)(13)

Student placement information (new) - (a)(14)

Graduate programs undergraduate alumni have enrolled in (new) - (a)(15)

The institution's fire safety report (new) - (a)(16)

The retention rate for certain undergraduate student populations (new) - (a)(17)

institutional policies regarding vaccinations (new) - (a)(18)

Notice about any required teach- out plan (new) - (a)(19)

information about certain enforcement actions or prosecutions brought against the university (new) -(a)(20)

§ 668.50 Institutional disclosures for distance or correspondence programs.

§668.50(c)(1)(i): Disclosure to Prospective Students

§668.50(c)(1)(ii)(A): Disclosure of Adverse Action(s)

§668.50(c)(1)(ii)(B): Disclosure to Enrolled and Prospective Students

§668.50(b)(2): State Compliant Processes and Contacts
• Contact Information for Complaints
• Consumer Disclosures for Students

§668.50(b)(4) & §668.50(b)(5): Adverse Actions Initiated by a State Agency

§668.50(b)(5): Adverse Actions Initiated by an Accrediting Agency

§668.50(b)(6): Refund Policies