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3+2 Programs

Accelerate Your Path to a Professional Degree in Architecture, Planning, or Landscape Architecture

The accelerated 3+2 Programs (Bachelor of Science in Architecture & Environmental Design PLUS Master of Architecture; Master of City and Regional Planning; or Master of Landscape Architecture) are open to undergraduate students in their third year (Semester Two) of the AREN program. Students in this competitive program can earn their accredited professional degree in either Architecture, City and Regional Planning, or Landscape Architecture within five years of full-time study.

Minimum admission requirements to submit an application:

  1. Students must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average (GPA).
  2. Morgan State University students must earn a minimum grade of 'B' in all AREN required courses within the first six (6) semesters of the AREN curriculum.
  3. Students must have a 'C' or better in all General Education courses.
  4. Transfer students, from two-year institutions, must earn a minimum grade of 'B' for all courses transferring as AREN major requirements.
  5. Students interested in the Masters in Architecture program, in the third year of the AREN program, must take and pass with a grade of 'B', ARCH 311-Statics and Strength of Materials and ARCH 312-Building Structural Systems or its equivalent from a sending institution. 

Below are documents needed to complete the 3+2 Program Application. Note: There is an application fee.

  1. Letter/Statement of Intent (Personal Statement)
  2. Official transcript(s)
  3. Three (3) letters of recommendation:
    • Morgan State University students: one letter of recommendation must be from your ARCH 104, 201, 202, or 301 instructor. The other letter(s) of recommendation can be from an individual who can assess your potential as a graduate student.
    • New Transfer Students: one letter must be from your sending institution's department head/chair. The other letters can be from individuals who can assess your potential as a graduate student. 
  4. Portfolio (For Architecture or Landscape Architecture applicants only). For assistance with your portfolio, click here


Students who do not fulfill the aforementioned requirements and/or submit the application documents may not be eligible for admission into the 3+2 Program. 

For more information the 3+2 Program, Contact:

Master of Architecture: Frederick Scharmen (
Master of City and Regional Planning: Dr. Daniel Campo (
Master of Landscape Architecture: Laurel McSherry (