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Division of Enrollment Management & Student Success

Student Concerns/Issues Form


Students must first deal directly with the person(s) and/or department perceived to be causing the problem. Hopefully, the majority of issues can be resolved to your satisfaction at this early stage.

If the above strategy does not produce a satisfactory result, the student must pursue resolution through the Chairperson and, as needed, the Dean of the relevant school or through the Director of the appropriate administrative unit. It is hoped that the assistance of these individuals can help resolve the issue(s) under dispute. Please keep written notes of your efforts to resolve the matter.

If the matter remains unresolved, or if the student is not in agreement with the outcome after meeting with the appropriate individuals, the student may submit a completed Student Concerns/Issue(s) Form to the Office of the Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success along with copies of any relevant documentation. The Office of Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success will typically contact the student within five business days of receipt of the form to address the concerns.

By submitting this document, you acknowledge that the statements made herein, to the best of your knowledge, are accurate, complete and truthful.