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Division of Enrollment Management & Student Success

Vision and Mission


The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success (EMASS) takes a leading role in ensuring that Morgan State University meets its recruitment, retention, degree completion, and overall student success goals. We think strategically, engage in best practices, work collaboratively with internal and external partners, and provide exceptional service to students, faculty, administration, and external stakeholders.


The Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success (EMASS) supports the success of prospective, new and continuing Morgan State University undergraduate students through its outreach, admissions, summer bridge, transfer, orientation, registration, financial aid, academic advising and support, student retention, and veteran services functions. We are committed to strategically designing, implementing, assessing, and enhancing the services necessary to promote student success from pre-enrollment to graduation. By providing exceptional service to students, the University community, and external stakeholders, we contribute significantly to the University's mission of supporting, empowering and preparing high-quality, diverse graduates to lead the world.

EMASS administrators and staff are guided by the principle of PATH.

  • What to expect from EMASS staff:
    • Professionalism. We will treat you with courtesy and respect. 
    • Accuracy. We will give you the most accurate information based on our understanding of your particular circumstance. 
    • Timeliness. We strive to provide you with same-day service, though this may vary depending on what you need and whether it is a peak time for the office. If we are unable to provide you with same-day service, we will give you an estimated timeframe for resolution of your issue. 
    • Helpfulness. We will do our best to help you resolve your concern efficiently and effectively, within the confines of our policies and procedures. 
  • To provide you with the best service possible, EMASS needs your cooperation in the following:
    • Politeness. Treat us as you wish to be treated. We will be polite, respectful and courteous to you and appreciate you treating us the same.
    • Accountability. You have a responsibility to know and follow University policies, procedures, and deadlines, and to ask questions of the appropriate office if you do not know something. Accept your role and responsibility in resolving your issue.
    • Timeliness. Many problems can be avoided by paying attention to published deadlines, and by not waiting until the last minute to try to address issues of concern. A great way to keep informed about upcoming deadlines is to check your Morgan email regularly.
    • Honesty. Tell us the complete story. Our ability to assist you depends on you giving us an accurate, comprehensive understanding of your issue.

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