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Department of Sociology & Anthropology

Master of Arts/Science in Sociology

graduating sociology students

The Master of Arts/ Science degree program in Sociology is designed to provide options for persons seeking competencies in Sociology, which can be readily applied to the work situation, as well as for persons wishing to follow an academic track, which offers rigorous training in research as preparation for teaching and/or the pursuit of doctoral studies.

What makes our program special?

  • The Master's in Sociology program provides students with a robust education in race, gender, education, oppression, and social inequality.
  • We welcome students who earned undergraduate degrees in other majors and wish to transition to sociology, and we help to facilitate that transition through our rigorous and exciting Proseminar course.
  • We offer small seminar-style class sizes and provide students with opportunities for experiential learning.
  • Our graduates go on to work in the non-profit sector, education, the government, and to earn Ph.D.s
  • The program is highly attractive for working students, as the courses are offered in the evening.
  • Finally, we create a community of collaboration. Students will engage with a diverse faculty and student body who are passionately committed to examining the world around them, including ongoing injustices.


For unconditional admission, applicants must have earned a minimum undergraduate academic average of 3.0 in the major area of study, and not less than 3.0 average, overall. Applicants must also have earned 3 credits in statistics, and 9 credits in sociology.

For conditional admission, in addition to earning a minimum cumulative undergraduate academic average of 2.5, preference is shown for applicants who have earned at least 3 credits in sociological theory, 3 credits in social research methods, 3 credits in statistics, and 6 other credits in sociology and a 2.5 G.PA. in the major area. Students admitted conditionally must successfully complete the core courses, excluding Thesis Seminar, within the first 18 hours of study.

Contact Information
Natasha Pratt-Harris, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Graduate Programs, Sociology
Tel: (443) 885-3506/3518