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School of Social Work

Research - Social Work practice and Artificial Intelligence

by Morgan State U
November 07, 2023

We are pleased to extend an invitation for your participation in a research study that delves into the ethical considerations surrounding the intersection of Social Work practice and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As AI increasingly becomes integrated into social work, there is a growing interest among social workers in understanding the ethical implications posed by these innovative technologies, particularly in their impact on underserved communities.

To be eligible to complete this survey, individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Hold a BSW, MSW, PhD/DSW in social work
  • Currently work in the social work field within the Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia (DMV) area

We have designed the survey to be user-friendly, requiring only 15 minutes of your valuable time. Attached to this message is a flyer containing a QR code and a link to the survey:

Please be assured that your responses will be treated confidentially and utilized exclusively for research purposes.

We kindly request that you share this survey and flyer with your colleagues, friends, and networks who might be interested in participating. Diverse perspectives enrich our research, enhancing its depth and relevance.

Your commitment to contributing to advancements in the field of social work through the study of AI is greatly appreciated. If you have any inquiries or seek further information about our project, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for your participation and support in our research endeavor.