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School of Community Health and Policy


Scientists, Fellows and Staff

Anthony Estreet, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor | SSW
Farin Kamangar, MD, PhD, Professor and Associate Dean for Research | SCMNS
Anne Marie O'Keefe, JD, PhD, MA; Associate Professor | SCHP
Ryan Petteway, Dr.PH, MPH, Assistant Professor. Portland State University Oregon
Laurens Van Sluytman, PhD, MSW; Associate Professor | SSW
Fernando Wagner, ScD, MPH, Professor, University of Maryland | SSW

Research Staff

Jummai Apata, MBBS, Dr.PH | Associate Researcher | SCHP
Sherita Henry, Dr.PH, Researcher and Instructor
Gia Grier McGinnis, Dr.PH candidate | SCHP
Hamideh Taraji, BSN, MBA, Dr.PH student | SCHP

SCHP: School of Community Health and Policy, SCMNS: School of Computers, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences, SSW: School of Social Work