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BSSC building

Academic Departments

Department of Nursing

The Department of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and PhD in Nursing. The mission of the Department of Nursing is to demonstrate excellence in education, scholarship, practice, and service by nurturing the next generation of nurses in a community grounded in social justice, diversity, innovation, and health equity. The goal of the Nursing Department is to prepare graduates to serve as leaders and innovators in nursing who will be able to meet the challenges of a dynamic, changing, and emerging health care setting.

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Department of Public and Allied Health

The Department of Public and Allied Health is an interdisciplinary department that houses three programs: Nutritional Science, Health Education and the Public Health Program. The goal of the Department of Public and Allied Health is to provide a collegial interdisciplinary learning environment that produces strong public and allied health practitioners and leaders who use their in-depth content knowledge and skills to improve the health and well-being at the population level.

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