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School of Architecture & Planning


There is one (1) large studio located on the first level of the Center for Built Environment and Infrastructure Studies (CBEIS).  For security and safety purposes, there is limited access to the building and studio, during the fall and spring semester, students will have access to studio the following days and times:

Monday - Friday: 7:30 AM - 11 PM
Saturday: 9 AM - 1 PM
Sunday: Closed

Within the studio, students have access to one (1) open computer lab, the Print Lab, and photo booth.

Doors to the studio MUST always remain locked. Students, faculty, and staff must use their MSU Bear Card to access the studio. If your MSU Bear Card does not grant you access to studio, please go to the Dean’s Office or email Please do not prop open the studio door(s).  Violators to this policy will have their Bear Card access suspended.

For guests, please visit the main office (CBEIS 104) from 8:30 am – 6:00 pm to request access to the studio.

Below are policies regarding studio:

  • No personal refrigerators, space heaters, and microwaves are permitted in studio. A microwave is available in the vending area.
  • Use of aerosol cans (spray painting or spray mount) is prohibited in studio or terrace area. Students must use the spray booth in the B.E.A.R Lab or outdoor modeling area (CBEIS 020)
  • Headphones must be worn at all times when listening to music and/or videos.
  • Bicycles, pets (except seeing-eye dog), and alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the building and studio.
  • Eating is not allowed in the studio area. Students and faculty can use the lounge area in the atrium.
  • Hazardous or dangerous materials are prohibited in studio.
  • Do not remove any items from another student’s work area without asking. According the University’s Code of Student Conduct, “Theft” is considered “Prohibited Conduct” and is subject to disciplinary action. View more information on the University’s Code of Student Conduct.



Each student registered for an undergraduate or graduate (ARCH/LAAR) studio will be assigned a numbered studio desk and chair for the entire semester. 

Each desk consists of:
One (1) 60” x 37” work surface
Four (4) lockable drawers. (students provide their own locks)
One (1) flat file
One (1) pinup surface
Two (2) shelving units
Three (3) power outlets for small items i.e. laptop, lamp, mobile phone charger, etc.

During the first week of classes, desk assignments will be made by the studio instructor.  “Reserving a desk” with name tags or possessions in advance of the first day of studio will not be given recognition. Instructors have the final decision in locating their students at specific desks, with input from the students concerning student preferences. Student(s) cannot change their desk assignment without proper notification to their instructor and the Dean’s Office. Students interested in changing their assignment must communicate and provide a good reason for wanting to change desks. The School of Architecture and Planning has the right to deny any students request to be reassigned another desk. We expect students to be diplomatic and responsible in choosing their studio desk.

Below are guidelines for the studio desks:

  • Students or faculty must not move or reorient the studio desks.
  • Students are required to provide a protective surface covering the majority of the desk surface. The protective surface may be a drafting surface attached to a portable piece of plywood, or a pre-fabricated portable drafting surface.  Please ensure that drawing boards and equipment do not scratch or mark the studio desk. Students are to consult with their studio instructor for recommendations.
  • All cutting activities must be done on a CUTTING MAT. Cutting on tables will result in revocation of desk privileges.
  • Individuals are prohibited of using aerosol spray cans (i.e. spray paint of spray mount) on the desk surface or in the studio. Students must use the B.E.A.R Lab’s spray booth or the outdoor modeling area (CBEIS 020).
  • Students must not nail, glue or screw anything to the desk.
  • Students must not disassemble or remove any parts from the desk.
  • Students cannot occupy multiple desks during the semester, even if a studio desk is unassigned.
  • Students are encouraged to secure all personal items in their locked desks. With that said, students should be cognizant of storing irreplaceable items in the desk lockers. i.e. cash, jewelry, etc.  The School of Architecture and Planning is not liable for any lost or stolen items left on or in the studio desk.

At the end of each semester*, undergraduate students must clean their work area, empty their studio desk, and remove all locks from the desk.  Students are liable for any significant damage to the studio desks. Besides normal wear and tear, the desk and chair should be in the same condition when it was issued to the student.

*Graduate Students must clear their work area, empty their studio desk, and remove all locks from the desk at the end of the academic year.   If the studio desk area is not cleaned and/or the materials inside the desk lockers are not removed, a hold may be placed on the student's account, which limits the student's ability to register for classes for the subsequent term or not allow the student to receive his/her diploma upon graduation and all materials will be discarded.

Significant damage to any studio desk or chair is considered “Reckless Conduct” according the University’s Code of Student Conduct. This misconduct is subject to disciplinary action by Judiciary Affairs. View more information on the University’s Code of Student Conduct.


There are two (2) light tables located in the studio area. Students and faculty should not leave items unattended on the light tables.  


There are three (3) ceiling mounted projectors in the studio area. Students should NOT attempt to operate the projectors without consent from their instructor or Dean’s Office.


There are multiple studio niches located throughout studio with large tables and pinup space. The tables in the niches are for group/collaborative work only.  Individuals should not cut in that work surface area without a cutting mat. Each Department head will administer the use of the studio niches.



The studio is expected to remain clean and uncluttered.  Prior to leaving studio, students should place all their tools, materials, projects, and works (in progress) in or on their own desk and leave the floor and area surrounding their desk in a clean condition. This is a matter of respect for both one’s own work and materials and for the other students and faculty that share this work environment. Items not properly stored at one’s own desk might be removed or disposed of without notice. At the end of each semester, all students must clean up their work area, empty their studio desk, and remove all locks from the desk. 

If any studio desk area is not cleaned and/or the lockers not removed, a hold will be placed on the student’s account, which limits the student’s ability to register for classes for the subsequent term or receive their diploma at graduation.


At the beginning of each semester, each studio section selects a “studio steward” to assist with keeping the studio clean and maintained. The studio stewards will make sure all materials are off the floor when housekeeping needs to clean studio.  The Dean’s Office will communicate with the studio stewards on clean up days and times.


Located throughout studio are large bins to place any material that can be re-used by someone else. This may include, but is not limited to chipboard, cardboard, foamcore, wood, and any scrap materials. Students should not overstuff the bins. The studio stewards will maintain the scrap pile.  


There is one (1) computer lab exclusive to the School of Architecture and Planning located in the studio-111A.  

Mon - Fri: 7:30 AM - 11:00 PM
Sat: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Each computer lab will have an 11x17 scanner and B&W 8.5x11 printer. For additional printing and computing needs, students must go to the Print Lab.


The Print Lab is located at 111B and is accessible to ALL registered SA+P students:

Mon – Thu: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Fri: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Students must use their MSU Bear Card to access the computer labs and Print Lab. If you are registered as a student in the School of Architecture and Planning and your MSU Bear Card does not grant you access to the labs, please notify Evan Richardson at

For security purposes, students must not prop open the door.

Computer and Print Lab guidelines and printing procedures are posted outside the Print Lab and in Computer Labs.

For questions, please contact SA+P Technical Support at or 443-885-4797, or stop in CBEIS 111B. 


The City and Regional Planning program has an exclusive work area for studio and lecture courses (CBEIS 364). Only faculty and planning students will have access to the studio lab. 

Students and faculty must use their MSU Bear Card to access the studio. If you are registered as a planning student and your MSU Bear Card does not grant you access to the studio, please notify Evan Richardson at Please do not prop open the studio door(s).


First aid kits are available in the studio kitchenette (CBEIS 111). For major accidents, please contact the University Police at 443-885-3103.