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Undergraduate Design

Johnny Macon

Lecturer, Undergraduate Design

Office: CBEIS 213
Phone: 443-885-3552

Curriculum Vitae


B.S., University of Maryland, Baltimore County
M.L.A., Morgan State University

Years of Morgan: 10


Johnny Shakir Macon, MLA is an educator and landscapes designer with diverse experience in built environment professional positions including planning, GIS, landscape design, and education. I have worked as a volunteer and as a professional with communities throughout Baltimore City and central Maryland. I have built strong relationships with community leaders, activists, and city officials, and I facilitated collaborations between community partners, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and local design practitioners. I have worked on project types including recreation design, streetscaping, landscape design, community engagement, and placemaking. I have conducted research at various stages starting in my undergraduate education. I am a consensus builder, an advocate, and I am strongly committed to civic engagement. I make effective use of my professional and personal experience to foster new opportunities for established healthy landscapes and communities. I am proud to bear the banner of "People First." That commitment guides my thinking and demands that I bring this outlook to every project in which I am involved.

List of Research Interest(s):

  • Urban cultural landscapes
  • Community Design
List of Classes Taught: 
  • Fall 2022
    • ARCH 103 - Communications Skills I
    • ARCH 201 - Design I: Form, Space, and Order
  • Spring 2023
    • ARCH 104 - Communication Skills II
    • ARCH 202 - Design II (Site and Structure)
    • ARCH 207 - Site Design

List of Grants and/or Awards

  • Landscape Architecture Foundation Fellow (2023)