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Office of the Registrar

Priority Registration Time Ticket Groupings

Date/Time* Eligible Students
Date/Time* Monday, November 1st Eligible Students Seniors - (90+ earned credits), Graduate Students, Honors, Athletes, Veterans
Date/Time* Monday, November 8th Eligible Students Juniors - (56 - 89 earned credits)
Date/Time* Saturday, November 13th Eligible Students Sophomores - (25 - 55 earned credits)
Date/Time* Thursday, November 18th Eligible Students Freshmen - (0 - 24 earned credits)
Date/Time* Wednesday, November 24th - Friday, February 4th by 5pm Eligible Students General Registration for All Currently Enrolled Students

Students in programs with Registration Alternate Pins must contact their assigned advisor to obtain their registration pin. Please be advised that the Office of the Registrar team will not distribute alternate pins to students.

If a student has changed his/her major since his/her pin was created, the advisor should contact the student's previous advisor to obtain the pin.


*Dates are subject to change.


page last updated 9.20.2021