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Benjamin A. Quarles Humanities and Social Science Institute

7th Annual Benjamin A. Quarles Conference 2024

The James H. Gilliam, Jr. College of Liberal Arts

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Call for Papers: 7th Annual Benjamin A. Quarles Conference

Theme: "My Dungeon Shook":  A Century of James Baldwin

Date: October 24-26, 2024

Venue: Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Submission Deadline: July 15, 2024


In honor of the centennial of James Baldwin's birth, the Department of English, The James H. Gilliam, Jr. College of Liberal Arts, and Benjamin Quarles Institute at Morgan State University, cordially invite scholars and researchers to submit paper, panel, roundtable, and poster proposals for the 7th Annual Benjamin A. Quarles Conference. The Institute's mission is to raise awareness and appreciation of the peoples and cultures of the African Diaspora, exploring their intersections with the global community while exposing underrepresented and underserved students to the interdisciplinary nature of the humanities. The conference spans various fields, including Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Environmental Studies, International Studies (African, Latin America, and Caribbean), Ethnomusicology, Philosophy, and the Fine Arts. James Baldwin embodies the Institute's commitment to enhancing the humanities (

James Baldwin, celebrated as a novelist, essayist, and activist, left an indelible mark on the literary, historical, and social landscape throughout his prolific career. On August 2, 2024, we will celebrate the centennial of his birth. His enduring cultural significance resonates powerfully in contemporary times. The conference will spotlight his versatility in terms of style, genre, and socio-political concerns, emphasizing the importance of Baldwin’s life, work, and literary relations. A pivotal focus will be on examinations of his writings, providing profound insights into his life and experiences. Baldwin's global explorations, from the United States to France and Turkey, profoundly influenced his literary works.

This conference will serve as a meeting ground for all those interested in Baldwin’s works and activism, ranging from literary and cultural critics to scholars of gender and queer theory, activists, poets, sociologists, psychologists, historians, political studies experts, and creative thinkers. We invite a broad spectrum of academic discussions that engage with Baldwin's work.

Possible Topics (not limited to):

  • Baldwin and Friends
  • Baldwin and Activism
  • Baldwin and Global Trotting
  • Baldwin’s Global Influences
  • Baldwin in a Post-Racial Imaginary
  • Baldwin and Children’s Literature
  • Baldwin’s Novels
  • Baldwin’s Essays
  • Baldwin’s Non-fictions
  • Baldwin and LGBTQIA+
  • Baldwin and the US Civil Rights Movement
  • Baldwin and Other Art Forms
  • Baldwin and Realism
  • Baldwin and Christianity/Religion
  • Theorizing Baldwin
  • Critiques on Baldwin

Proposal Requirements:

  1. A brief abstract not exceeding 500 words
  2. A biography 250 – 300 words in length
  3. Submit abstracts to:

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Call Ms. Jacqualine Cozart at 443.885.3165 for more information.

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Join us in celebrating the profound legacy of James Baldwin and exploring the timeless relevance of his work. We look forward to your submissions and an enriching conference at Morgan State University from October 24-26, 2024.