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President Wilson at a board table with leadership students

President's Leadership Circle

The President's Leadership Circle (PLC) at Morgan State University is composed of a group of distinctive students who forward the vision of the president for the university. They represent and embody the successful application of the core values of MSU: Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Diversity, Innovation and Leadership. They serve as global ambassadors exemplifying all that should and can be emulated about the university. PLC Fellows serve in alignment with the president at a variety of campus and community functions. They promote pride in Morgan and draw on their personal experiences to highlight the impact and benefits of a degree from Morgan State University.

PLC Fellows engage with students across campus with intentionality. Promoting diversity of thought and being, they invite students to monthly discussions of thought provoking films and books. These in-depth discussions challenge well-guarded opinions, encourage active respect of opposing views and help build strategies towards desired excellence. As an active mentor to the fellows, recommendations of titles first come from the president. Additionally, titles come from most recent PLC fellows, PLC stakeholders and external references. PLC Fellows also invite students to participate in a slightly less structured series of activities that change monthly and progress aiding the human condition.

The PLC ascribes to the definition of leadership as comprising of service-leaders who are open to the benefits of continual development. In that vein, fellows periodically meet with industry leaders in the Washington, DC tri-state area and hold monthly audience with President Wilson and university administrative leadership.

All students at Morgan State University bear the potential to embody and execute the vision of the president, and the university's core values; PLC fellows ingrain them into their way of life. At all times, fellows are the walking evidence of the return on investment in a Morgan State University student. They extend out of the president's office and to the world, what the definition of Morgan State University is. As with many progressive universities there are several opportunities for students to develop leadership skills at Morgan: the PLC is the only one directly responsible to the office of the president. This group is intentionally designed to bear a greater responsibility to the university and its stakeholders in serving as exemplary representatives of the institution.

On behalf of President Wilson and the office of the president, Dr. OluwaTosin Adegbola coordinates the PLC. Hence all inquiries therein should be directed to her office. 
Email: • Phone: 443-885-5961
*All inquires are responded to within 24 hours.