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Office of Police & Public Safety

Behavior Emergency Assessment and Response Team

Recent distressing events on several college campuses nationwide have bought increased emphasis on safety and security to almost all college campuses. Many of the issues brought forward after these events occurred focus on the campuses ability to centralize information about who exhibit disruptive, destructive or disturbing behaviors. These behaviors-exhibited in the classroom, at university events, through the normal course of business, or even off-campus-may be the result of mental or physical illness, depression, alcohol or drug abuse, or other causes.

The Behavior Emergency Assessment and Response Team (B.E.A.R. Team) is a team of Morgan State University staff that can be helpful to students, faculty, and staff who are dealing with someone for whom they have a concern. TAT serves as a central source to identify and monitor these individuals, while offering information and resources to the concerned individual to help address the problem. When appropriate, referrals can be made to campus support resources and, if necessary, to off-campus agencies.

The B.E.A.R. Team is not a group that proscribes treatment or discipline. The group is designed to provide information and referrals to those dealing with difficult or disruptive situations and to reach out to the individual involved when appropriate. It does not adjudicate, discipline, or impose sanctions against any member of the campus community, nor does it provide or mandate treatment.

The B.E.A.R. Team is coordinated by the Vice President for Student Affairs and consists of representatives from the Counseling Center, Student Conduct, Health Center, University Chapel, Faculty, Office of Residence Life and Housing and the Office of Campus and Public Safety.