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Office of Research Administration

Diversity and EEO

Diversity & EEO

Morgan State University aims to maintain an academic and working environment in which students, faculty, and staff feel safe and are free to develop intellectually, professionally, personally, and socially. Acts of discrimination and lack of inclusivity subvert the University’s mission to grow globally, threaten the wellbeing of the University community, and interfere with academic and employment growth. The University has in place intentional steps to attract a more diverse community and to develop a sense of belonging. The University has a multi-faceted approach for fair and improved inclusion of underserved students, staff, and faculty. All policies that facilitate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plus a statement on how Morgan State University upholds these policies and the extent to which these policies are incorporated into the University’s programming are available below.


Attachment A: Morgan State University Nondiscrimination Policy

Attachment B: Morgan State University Sexual Harassment and Prohibited Conduct Policy

Attachment C: Morgan State University Prohibited Conduct Procedures Under the University's Sexual Harassment and Prohibited Conduct Policy - Respondent is an Employee

Attachment D: Annual Cultural Diversity Plan 2022

Attachment E: Transformation Morgan 2030

Attachment F: Annual Cultural Diversity Plan 2022

Attachment G: Cultural Diversity from AY 2010 to Present

Public Notice of Title VI Program Rights