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The Morgan CARES Network

The Morgan CARES Network has been created to be a hub for community and academic individual, group, and organizational partnerships. Through collaboration, projects that address health disparities can develop, strengthening community-campus partnerships.

The network is designed to connect members from different backgrounds and disciplines in order to promote resource and knowledge sharing, networking, and mentorship, leading to increased capacity and ability for all members of the network. Check out our brochure!

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Why Morgan CARES

Morgan CARES deeply about the importance of integrating community needs and perspectives into all stages of research. Our model is based on the principles of community-based participatory research (CBPR), where the community is at the forefront of these initiatives. The community drives the relationship with their academic partners. This approach allows for academic support, rather than imposition, and enhances capacity and understanding for both community and academic members of the network.

Health inequalities exist across Baltimore City, and disproportionately affect minority communities. One-sided approaches designed to address these challenges are often ineffective, and Morgan CARES about community power and input.

You can read more about CBPR here.

Community Center

The Morgan CARES Community Center is designed to be a safe space where community-academic partnerships can form and strengthen. The Center is accessible and is located within the community where activities are flexible and community-driven. Offices, conference rooms, a kid's space, access to a kitchen and event space, are available for community organizations and collaborative partnerships to utilize.

*The Morgan CARES Community Center is currently under renovation and is expected to open Summer 2020!

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This program is funded through the Community Engagement Core component of Morgan State University's Research Center for Minority Institutions (RCMI) grant, awarded by the National Institutes of Health.