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Center for Urban Health Disparities Research and Innovation

Morgan CARES

Are you striving to improve health in communities throughout Baltimore?

Are you interested in partnering with other innovators to create sustainable outcomes in your neighborhood and beyond?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then the Morgan CARES Network is waiting for you!

The Morgan CARES Network

Health inequalities exist across Baltimore City and disproportionately affect minority communities. One-sided approaches designed to address these challenges are often ineffective, and Morgan CARES about community power and input.

We invite you to join our network of diverse and innovative stakeholders, to work together on issues that directly impact our communities. Mentorship, technical assistance, capacity building, and access to seed funding are just a few of the benefits of joining.

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Morgan CARES is a hub for community and academic leaders to connect and form long-lasting partnerships. We strive to foster strong community-campus relationships that produce collaborative projects to promote health parity.

Morgan CARES deeply about integrating community needs and perspectives into all stages of research. By working together to increase understanding and awareness of health disparities, the knowledge gained will lead to solutions that positively benefit community residents. This process is what drives our work, and is known as Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR).

Network Membership

Our network membership allows interested individuals to sign up to receive our newsletter, stay up to date with information about our program, and have opportunities to connect with others in the network. Sign up to become a member today!

Partnering with Morgan CARES
Are you an existing member of the network who wants to take things to the next level? Consider becoming a Partner! Partnership means that you are committed to community health research, and you either want to get engaged with existing projects, or apply for a Morgan CARES Community Award to fund your small project. Partners also have priority when registering for training, workshops, and other professional development and skill-building opportunities. Email us for more information about becoming a Partner.

The Morgan CARES Community Award Program


The Morgan CARES Community Award is a small seed funding initiative intended to support community-campus collaborations. The goal of this small award is to promote and strengthen partnerships between community-based organizations and groups, and members of academia at Morgan State University. It is the hope that these connections form a strong foundation that supports the emergence of responsive, community-led public health initiatives that promote health equity in communities across Baltimore City.

New partners may engage in supportive activities and training, among other supports, for as long as they wish, to forge a strong partnership before developing and submitting an application. Partners who have existing community-campus collaborations may also apply.

Morgan CARES can support up to 10 Community Award projects a year, and applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applications are reviewed each quarter, and projects are selected for funding. Applications will continue to be accepted while funds remain available.

See our Community Award Program for more details.