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Register to Vote in Maryland

Students! Did you know that you might not have to return to your home state or request an absentee ballot in order to vote in the State of Maryland? As a current college student at Morgan State University, you may be able to claim Maryland as your home for the period of time that you remain a student here. This will allow you to vote in Maryland until you choose to move elsewhere.

To take advantage of your opportunity to vote in Maryland you must register. Registering is easy and can take place at a local voter registration site or you may even be able to register online. You will need a government-issued photo ID such as a Maryland driver's license (NOT your MSU student ID card) or your social security number and a Maryland address (e.g., 1700 E. Cold Spring Lane and the name of your residence hall). If you are a registered voter in your home state, bring your voter's card information with you when you register. Your home district will be notified to cancel your registration there. It's that easy!

Get information HERE about how to register to vote in Maryland.