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College of Interdisciplinary & Continuing Studies

Morgan Completes You

Non-Traditional Students smiling in front of Holmes Hall

Morgan State University's College of Interdisciplinary and Continuing Studies is pleased to introduce the "Morgan Completes You" initiative. This initiative caters to traditional and non-traditional undergraduate and graduate students who have excellent potential to complete a degree but need flexibility, opportunity, and accessibility to various completion options. The Morgan Completes You program affords students the opportunity to pursue interdisciplinary studies by selecting from a variety of degree programs that target vital local, national and global workforce opportunities. The program curriculum is also designed to link students' employment experiences with past academic preparation and create a customized study plan that bridges the gap between their incomplete academic preparation and career aspirations. The Morgan Completes You program is thus designed to enhance the marketability and career vitality of its graduates.

Students in the Morgan Completes You program will gain a recognized employment credential that may lead to promotion in an existing career, new career opportunities, and the personal intrinsic value of obtaining a college degree.

Eighteen (18) different degree programs are available at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. These programs feature options that cater to a variety of learning options for full and part time students and that utilize a rich faculty pool with blended expertise in teaching and scholarship to create innovative interdisciplinary learning options that meet the changing demands of the workforce.

Why choose to enroll in a degree program through Morgan Completes You?

  1. We offer a variety of degree programs that provide an opportunity for custom designed academic experience relevant to prior work experience that leads to degree attainment for students who are near completers.
  2. The flexibility of our programs cater to the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students who are limited in their career advancement by a lack of a degree or advanced credentials.
  3. Our programs can be adapted to meet the student's career interests/requirements, that may not be adequately satisfied by a traditional academic program curriculum.
  4. Flexible program design offers students the opportunity to explore academic degree options in emerging fields.