The iPal Program

What is the purpose of the iPal Program? 

The iPal matching program has been designed to partner international and domestic students studying at MSU for the purpose of a cultural exchange and building friendships. The iPal program will enhance and encourage student engagement outside of the classroom.

Why should I participate in the iPal Matching Program? 
One of the most meaningful experiences you can have during your college experience is to interact with individuals from different cultures. Being an iPal will allow you to learn about different cultures, develop cross cultural communication skills, and friendship.

What do iPals do?
Participants need to be committed to making contact with their buddy at least once a week throughout each semester. Group activities will be planned for participants throughout the semester. Participants in the iPal program can:

  • Share cultural experiences and activities with their buddy
  • Focus on furthering their language skills in English and the native language of the international student
  • Connect to student life outside of the classroom
  • Create cross-cultural friendships

How do I become an iPal?

  • Complete the online application

How do I get matched?
The general guidelines for matching buddies are to find common interests between the buddies: Common interests include but are not limited to:

  • Reason for participating in the program (cultural exposure and/or language exchange)
  • Common interests

How will I meet my iPal?
Once you have been matched you will receive:

  • A congratulations email which includes your buddy's name, email address and phone number
  • Suggestions for creating a successful experience
  • List of special activities for you and your Pal
  • Information for upcoming socials