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Doctorate of Social Work

Mission & Goals


The DSW program at Morgan State University prepares experienced MSW practitioners for advance social work practice and human service leadership with urban individuals, families, and communities. The intersections of racial, economic, and gender-based oppression disproportionately place urban individuals, families, and communities at risk of experiencing social and mental health problems. This disproportionality represents a major social injustice that unfairly diminishes the ability of urban individuals, families, and communities to demonstrate their vast positive potential.

Using this conceptual framework as a guide, Morgan’s DSW program is focused on addressing the unjust educational, behavioral health, and additional healthcare systems that have created barriers to maximum social, economic, and psychological functioning for urban populations. The DSW program at Morgan also relies heavily on culturally competent intervention models that affirm and build on the experiences and perspectives of historically oppressed communities. Applicants interested in interacting with and engaging urban individuals, families, and communities utilizing a culturally inclusive and strengths-based perspective are encouraged to apply.


  • To advance the skills and leadership abilities of Advanced Social Work Clinical Practitioners and Community Based service providers; 

  • To affirm the elevation of Morgan's status to R1 by supporting the research capacity of Micro and Macro level Social Work Advanced Clinical practitioners; and 

  • To enhance the Community engagement activities of Human service providers.