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Center for Research and Experiential Study Abroad

Vision Statement

CRESA will be a leading international university-based research center for education abroad through the advancement, application, and facilitation of high standards of research and experiential learning programs.

Mission Statement

CRESA is committed to furthering the research and development of innovations related to study abroad programs supporting student experiential learning opportunities and student success in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment.

We will achieve this through:

  • Engaging the campus community in interdisciplinary, international experiences and research.  
  • Facilitating study abroad programs by providing resources to faculty to incorporate international experiential opportunities into the curriculum.
  • Connecting cultures by partnering with institutions abroad to foster the creation of “The Collaborative”, a global network of research scholars. 
  • Providing opportunities for students to practice foreign languages through mentoring, peer-to-peer engagement and networking events.


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