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College of Liberal Arts


James E. Lewis Museum of Art
The James E. Lewis Museum of Art (JELMA) is the cultural extension of Morgan State University's Fine Arts academic program. Developed to enhance the scholastic experience of the University's student population and the community's exposure to works of art, JELMA provides opportunities to experience exhibitions, programs and lectures.

Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil Rights Museum
One of the NAACP's most cherished goals was to end lynching in the United States. Galvanized by the last recorded lynching in Maryland, Lillie Carroll Jackson, Clarence M. Mitchell, Jr., Juanita Jackson Mitchell, Carl Murphy, Thurgood Marshall, Margaret Carey and their many allies worked tirelessly toward ending the practice of lynching and other racial injustices in our country. At the Lille Carrol Jackson Civil Rights Museum, discover how their journeys, from local to national victories, have changed the nation for all Americans.