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Morgan State / Coppin State University Army ROTC: The Bear Battalion

Department of Military Science

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Army ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corps) is one of the best leadership courses in the country and can be a part of your college curriculum. Being a student at Morgan State University and learning to become a leader will make your college experience even richer and prepare you for the future. Within ROTC, you will gain the confidence and competence to lead others, organizations, your community, and your country.

Starting Your Career - Success Now and in the Future

Morgan State / Coppin State University Army ROTC is, first and foremost, a leadership development program that prepares college students to succeed in any competitive environment as leaders in their communities and the country. ROTC is not just about joining the Army. Our driving philosophy is that every one of our students is someone's son or daughter. As such, our department places great emphasis on ensuring that each of our students succeeds in academics, athletics, student activities, finances, and ROTC. Throughout all four years, faculty are invested and work with each student one-on-one to ensure that they achieve their short-term goals in college and long-term career goals after college.

Alumni of the Morgan State / Coppin State University Army ROTC program have gone forward to serve as General Officers in the US Army, influential leaders (CEOs, CFOs, etc.) in Baltimore industry, elected officials at the City, State, Congressional, and Senate levels, and much more.

After you graduate from college, you will be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. Students can choose to be commissioned into the Active Duty (full-time), National Guard (part-time), or Reserve (part-time) components. Part-time service allows students to pursue impactful career fields of their choosing immediately after graduation while simultaneously gaining experience as a Commissioned Officer. Within the part-time components, students can apply to serve in any state within the US. Students who choose to serve part-time typically serve on weekends while simultaneously pursuing graduate/postgraduate education or working full-time civilian jobs, all while receiving the benefits associated with part-time service.

The leadership training and experiences that you will gain in Army ROTC will provide you with a foundation to become a Commissioned Army Officer upon graduation. Your career as a Commissioned Officer will just be the beginning. You'll find a variety of interesting Officer career fields (called branches) in the Army. Once you choose your Army branch, you will embark on specialized training. Learn more about Branches and Specialties at the official Army website. For more detailed information and specific contact information, visit the Virtual Branching Office website.

Upon completion of Officer branch training and arrival at their first assignment, Army Officers may pursue additional specialized training and postgraduate educational opportunities. They will most likely be assigned to advanced leadership and staff positions. They may also develop doctrine, teach military tactics, or serve as advisors.

Regardless of which component (full-time or part-time) you choose, ROTC graduates will excel in the workforce beyond their peers. Morgan State / Coppin State University Army ROTC graduates commonly experience accelerated career timelines and lifetime salaries that exceed their peers by five to ten years.

Students of the Bear Battalion also have access to one of the most influential alumni networks in the nation, comprised of 12 General Officers, elected governmental officials, business and industry leaders, and more through the Morgan State University ROTC Alumni Chapter.

Very Important Things to Get Started - Graduate with a $0 College Bill

Morgan State / Coppin State University Army ROTC is not just any other ROTC program. As a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) ROTC program, the Bear Battalion's students have access to numerous grants, funds, and benefits unavailable in most other ROTC programs nationwide. In addition, the Bear Battalion is the primary commissioning source for Commissioned Officers in the Maryland Army National Guard. This means that students have first access to unique resources, networks, and opportunities in Baltimore/DC and Maryland that are unmatched by any other institution.

Is it absolutely critical for interested students, parents, guardians, or key adult figures to read our Scholarships and Other Funding Opportunities page to see how you can graduate with a $0.00 college bill.

To make this happen, it is critical that you register with the Veterans Engagement Services office as soon as you enroll as an ROTC student to unlock ROTC benefits. In addition, you must remain in contact with the Office of Financial Aid to ensure that your annual FAFSA and other documentation is correct. If you are an out-of-state student, there are multiple pathways for ROTC students to gain in-state tuition (reduces your total tuition bill by half).

Snapshot in History

AwardRC 2022

Kory Hayes (Class of 2024) and Shane Wood (Class of 2025), seniors in the first photo, receive an award from the AFRO American Newspapers on behalf of the Bear Battalion. Kory Hayes and Shane Wood led the Bear Battalion as Cadet Battalion Commander and Cadet Battalion Command Sergeant Major, respectively, for Fall 2023. In the second photo, this pair leads the Bear Battalion's Ranger Challenge team (the equivalent of D1 athletics in ROTC) as sophomores in 2022 with team Captain Peerayut Maneewan (center) (Class of 2023). These two students met as first-year students in ROTC class and have been inseparable friends ever since. Since then, they have led every organization and fraternity they have participated in, including the Pershing Rifles, Ranger Challenge, and many more. There is no corner of Morgan State University that these two have not made an impact on.