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Center for Global Studies & International Education

Hosting Department/Sponsor Responsibilities

The hosting department must consider the following responsibilities and criteria of the J-1 before appointing a scholar in J-1 status:

Prior to Arrival:

  1. Plans to invite a J-1 Scholar should begin three to four months in advance, but no later that 6 weeks in advance  of the start date of the appointment to allow for case review, document preparation, mailing immigration documents, and visa processing. In some cases, scholar may experience significant delays in visa processing abroad due to possible U.S. government security clearances.
  2. Complete the Request to Invite an Exchange Visitor Form in its entirety.
  3. The exchange visitor may only perform duties limited to the pre-established educational objectives as stated on the DS-2019 form. Any additional employment must be identical to the visitor's primary program activities, must be directly related to his or her original objectives, and must be authorized in writing by the Center for Global Studies & International Education (CGSIE) in advance.
  4. Departments must ascertain that the international scholar has appropriate academic credentials (including English language proficiency) to be appointed to and benefit from his/her J-1 stay at the university.
  5. The Scholar and any accompanying dependents must have adequate financial support and health insurance coverage to be eligible for J-1 status.
  6. If the J-1 Scholar is outside of the U.S., please inform CGSIE, so that the form DS-2019 can be sent via express mail to the scholar. The scholar will then take the DS-2019 to the U.S. Embassy or consulate to get their entry visa.
  7. If the J-1 Scholar is in the U.S. under the sponsorship of another J-1 program and wishes to transfer their J-1 status to Morgan, the hosting department should submit a J-1 Request Packet to CGISE at least 4-6 weeks before the scholar's current J-1 status expires.
  8. If the Scholar is in the U.S. in another immigration status, the hosting department should consult CGSIE as it could take months to change status to J-1 within the U.S.
  9. The intent of the appointment/affiliation with the university must be temporary, and the visitor must plan to return home upon completion of the educational objective.
  10. The Exchange Visitor must be in valid J-1 status and on Morgan's sponsorship before he or she can commence appointment and receive any payment or compensation.

During Their Stay:

  1. An Exchange Visitor may not change departments within the University without first obtaining approval from the CGSIE. See guidelines for transfer of departments.
  2. Reinstatement to legal status will rarely, if ever, be granted in the U.S. to scholars who lose their status. The scholar must return home with no guarantee of being issued a visa to return.
  3. J-1 scholars must always be in possession of a valid I-94 document or U.S. entry/admission stamp in passport (if issued electronic I-94). Refer to the automated I-94 process and a current DS-2019 which accurately reflects their purpose for being at Morgan State.
  4. Departments should immediately notify CGSIE of terminations or departures of Exchange Visitors.

The primary advantages of the J-1 status are that it can be obtained relatively easily and quickly, and that it usually allows the spouse and dependents holding J-2 status to work while in the US.

The form DS-2019 is the document required for a Scholar to obtain a J-1 visa. This form is issued by CGSIE upon receipt and review of the J-1 Request Packet submitted by the hosting department with the signature of the Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Scholars who are unsure of their future plans with respect to employment at Morgan or in the U.S., and who would be subject to the two-year home country residence requirement would do well to consider alternative immigration classifications.