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Department of Sociology & Anthropology

The Minor in Criminal Justice

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A minor in Criminal Justice provides students with an opportunity to apply sociological concepts and theories to the criminal justice system, including the broader environment, institutions, and social actors with which it intersects. Students who choose to minor in Criminal Justice, primarily from other Departments, must complete the following required courses with a grade of "C" or better:


SOCI 315 Sociology of Law 3

SOCI 305 Juvenile Justice and Delinquency 3

SOCI 308 Criminology 3

SOCI 310 Social Psychology 3

SOCI 315 Sociology of Law and Law Enforcement 3

SOCI 331 Community-Based Corrections 3

SOCI 330 Sociology of Jails and Prisons 3

SOCI 401 Forensic Anthropology 3

SOCI 332 Law Enforcement, Policing and Society 3

SOCI 408 Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology 3

SOCI 425 Gender and Violence 3

SOCI 429 Victimology 3

SOCI 430 Sociology of Deviance 3

SOCI 453 Internship/Independent Research** 3


*May not be used to satisfy concurrently the requirements for the major in Sociology and the minor in Criminal Justice.

**Pre-approval required for enrollment in this course.

Criminal Justice is one of the fastest growing minors at Morgan! It involves more than just coursework; it provides a pathway to understanding how the justice system works and learning out how to make it more equitable and just.