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Communications Center

Department of Strategic Communication

The Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication combines public relations, advertising and other communication disciplines.  To be successful in the current communication environment requires that students still learn how to identify key stakeholder publics and determine how to reach them.  But the integration of media platforms and the proliferation of new media technologies has made that a more complex process requiring much more strategically focused approaches.  In addition to learning how to write and develop materials for the traditional media, students will learn how to use social media and other emerging technologies to ensure that all appropriate publics are reached.

As important as classroom instruction is, students need practical, hands-on experiences in as real world a setting as possible.  They will get those experiences through a School of Global Journalism and Communication in-house strategic communications operation.  Students will create real communications campaigns for real clients in a faculty-supervised setting.

Finally, because the world is interconnected in ways never dreamed possible in earlier decades and because so many businesses and organizations operate across national boundaries, the major in Strategic Communication has an important global focus.  That focus has two directions.  First, students will learn about creating and executing communications campaigns for targeted audiences in different parts of the world in ways that recognize the diversity of those audiences.  Second, students will also learn how the strategic communications process is viewed in other nations and how that affects how that process is done.