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School of Computer, Mathematical & Natural Sciences

Institutional Animal Care and Use

All animal care and use at Morgan State University require an Institutional Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approved protocol before it can be implemented.

Please read ALL instructions prior to completing the IACUC protocol application. All instructions MUST be followed, otherwise, this will delay review of your protocol, at which time it may be returned to you.

  1. Protocols with all supporting documentation MUST be received by Dr Edet Isuk, the Sponsored Program and IO liaison in hard copy, AND also be sent electronically to the IACUC Chair, Dr. Ingrid Tullouch or Mr. Rysheem McGirt at least two weeks prior to scheduled IACUC committee meetings.
  2. IACUC Committee meetings are held specifically for protocol reviews every other month as needed.
  3. One electronic copy of the protocol MUST be submitted for review at least 15 days befor the IACUC meeting
  4. All sections of the application MUST be fully completed otherwise this may delay the review of your protocol. If there is a section, which does not apply, please indicate so by "N/A".
  5. Section P of the application (Database Literature Search) MUST have all instructions completely followed. Make sure that one original copy of your search results is attached to the original protocol. Also, be specific with your "keywords".
  6. All forms and any additional sheets that are attached must be typed.
  7. On any additional sheets attached, please make a note stating so on the research form and also note each section on the additional sheets.

If it is your first time using laboratory animals on campus, it is recommended that you consult with the animal facility director or attending veterinarian as you develop your animal care and use protocol. To arrange for a consultation please complete the animal user information form. A staff member from the animal research facility will contact you to confirm your consultation appointment.

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