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Landscape Architecture

Sarah Trautvetter

Sarah Trautvetter, PLA, ASLA

Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture

Office: CBEIS 337
Phone: 443.885.4794

Curriculum Vitae


BA, University of Virginia
MLA, University of Virginia
MAH, University of Virginia

Years at Morgan: 8 Years


Sarah Trautvetter is a landscape architect with a background in architectural history. She holds a Master of Landscape Architecture, a Master of Architectural History, and a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural History from the University of Virginia. Professor Trautvetter is the founder and principal of Traut Landscape Studio in Baltimore, which specializes in urban residential landscape architectural design. Professor Trautvetter's work explores the tension between contemporary use and historic contexts; engaging both the past and the future. Of particular interest are interplays between natural and urban. Through her design studio teaching, Professor Trautvetter works with students to develop their appreciation for the material conditions and sculptural possibilities of ground, as well as building their confidence in evolving an individual graphic style. She lives in a renovated rowhouse in Baltimore's historic Federal Hill.

List of Professional Affiliation(s):

  • American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
  • Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA)
  • Maryland Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)

List of Research Interest(s):

  • Adaptation of the urban infrastructure over time to accommodate changes in use and patterns of the landscape
  • Transitions in the performance of the landscape over time
  • Rethinking the roles parking lots can play in the landscape
  • The changing role of dikes in the Netherlands

Lists of Classes Taught:

  • Fall 2022
    • ENST 512 - Graphics Workshop
    • LAAR 511 - History & Theory of Landscape Architecture
    • LAAR 533 - Environmental Resources II
  • Spring 2023
    • LAAR 520 - Landscape Architecture Studio II: Site Planning
    • LAAR 551 - Contemporary Urban Landscape Theory & Design
    • LAAR 561 -Landscape Architecture Professional Practice

List of Selected Publication(s):

  • From Lot to Field: Parking Lots as Transitional Urban Landscapes
  • The Changing Significance of Urban Infrastructure: A Study of Dikes in the Dutch Landscape
  • The Eiffel Tower: Precursor to the 21st Century Public Park
  • The Importance of Walking as a Design Strategy for Post-pandemic Living
  • The Ephemeral Landscape: Making the Invisible Visible