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The Office of Residence Life & Housing

Resident Rights & Responsibilities

The Office of Residence Life realizes that each resident has his/her own background and cultural experiences that make him/her unique. It is the intention of the ORL and all staff members to create a learning community which will foster mutual respect and honest dialogue among its residents. Behavior that fails to respect the dignity of individuals or the diverse qualities of groups is therefore unacceptable.

Living on campus is a privilege. It is important to realize that violations of Residence Life rules and regulations and the Code of Student Conduct will not be tolerated and violators will be disciplined accordingly.

The Residence Life staff works with residents to create the best possible living environment for all residents. As young adults, students have a basic responsibility to themselves, and to stand up for their rights and the rights of the larger community. Students should be reminded that, as a resident, they are responsible for any conduct associated with their room, hall and common areas. This means that they are also responsible for friends, guests or visitors who create problems in their room, hall or common areas.

Morgan State University will not condone or tolerate inappropriate behavior, acts of intolerance or policy violations. We acknowledge that there may be some policies that may be contrary to your individual standards, however, we must view behavior from the standpoint of its impact on the community. The university believes that there are certain standards of behavior which all residents must abide by regardless of their personal values. It is our hope that each resident will critically evaluate the policies and procedures that govern our residence halls and make informed, intelligent choices as to whether they can agree to or adhere to them and fully accept the consequences of violations. On-campus living has many advantages but it is important to realize that the on-campus population exceeds 1,800 residents and it is important to establish order to ensure that the entire campus community is capable of fulfilling their academic, social, and personal goals.

We are also aware that students entering our doors already have well-established value systems and lifestyles that they have developed over their lifetime. Therefore, we recognize that it is the responsibility of each individual resident to examine his/her own value system as it pertains to his/her own behavior. With this philosophy in mind, the following regulations have been established.