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The Office of Residence Life & Housing

Housing Procedures


A change of assignment may be made only during designated times in the academic year, which is usually the third week of the semester, with the written approval of ORL in accordance with established room change procedures. Requests which are based upon considerations of age, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, personal appearance, creed, physical or mental disability, or national origin cannot be honored.

The resident can live only in the space to which he/she has been officially assigned. The student cannot sublet or otherwise use or grant use of the assigned space, residence hall common areas or grounds for any unauthorized purpose.

If a vacancy occurs in the assigned room, the remaining resident(s) agrees to occupy only one bed, cabinet/closet ,desk, dresser, etc. The unoccupied space shall be clearly identifiable. When vacating an assigned space, the resident must complete established check-out procedures (see check-out procedures).

The Office of Residence Life reserves the right to move a resident from one space to another to:

  • meet its responsibilities to residents' health, safety, and well-being,
  • maintain, operate or renovate facilities,
  • establish a special interest house, floor, unit, or section,
  • condense groups of residents to maximize supervision, security or closing a portion or all of a residence hall.


A resident is officially checked into the residence hall when he/she accepts his/her residence hall room key from a Residence Life staff member and has signed his/her Residence Hall Agreement. Each resident must sign a Room Condition Report indicating the condition of the room at the time of occupancy and is then responsible for the condition until the time of check-out. Each resident agrees to accept his/her initial assignment. Assignments are subject to the availability of space. The university will furnish a space in a residence hall and will grant the resident use of the facilities of the hall in accordance with terms and conditions specified in this Handbook and the Residence Hall Agreement. Residents who are assigned to an apartment or a suite agree to the cooperative housekeeping duties necessary to maintain said apartment/suite in sanitary and clean condition.


The residence halls must be vacated at the end of each semester by specified dates. Residents may at their own risk, leave items locked in the wardrobe and desk units of their rooms for holiday breaks and spring break pending their return to the same room only. However, the University encourages residents to remove all personal property. This does not apply to residents living in Northwood or Thurgood Marshall Complexes. Residents in these facilities must remove all items from rooms during the Christmas break.

A resident is officially checked out of the residence hall when he/she properly complete this procedure: clean the room/suite/bathroom/apartment; remove all personal items from the room, including trash; sign a Room Condition Report (retain a copy of the receipt for your records); and return key(s) to appropriate personnel. Students will be assessed a fine for not following these and any other procedures relevant to their particular area. The University is not responsible for any items left in the room and reserves the right to remove and dispose of any personal property remaining in a room. Additionally, there will be a charge for leaving the assigned room in such a condition as to demand undue time for cleaning, repairs or painting.


Student occupancy is allowed, under normal circumstances, from the date of check-in specified with Residence Life's notification of assignment, through 8:00 PM of the last scheduled day of finals each semester, or within 24 hours of the resident's last final exam, whichever comes first. The resident must leave his/her assigned space prior to the date and times established for hall closing, and may not re-enter any campus residence hall during University recess or after the end of the specified occupancy period unless given written permission from Residence Life.


In the event that a student cannot immediately be assigned a regular space, he/she may be offered a temporary assignment within a "designated triple/quad" room in a residence hall; that is, space normally occupied by two residents which is furnished for temporary occupancy by three/four residents. This space can also be a lounge which is temporarily furnished to house 4-6 residents. Should this living arrangement become permanent, room charges will be reduced accordingly.


Residence and dining services may be provided on a limited basis in specific residence halls when the University is closed or classes are not in session for an extra charge. Residents who desire break housing must receive written permission from Residence Life and agree to all terms and conditions as specified by Residence Life and Food Service for break housing and dining.