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Division of Research & Economic Development

Morgan Community Mile


The Morgan Community Mile (MCM) partners with Northeast Baltimore Neighborhoods and the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. This initiative engages community stakeholders and university students, faculty, and staff in inclusive, democratic, and participatory research that result in mutually defined community plans and projects, measurable outcomes, and positive community impact. To enhance the economic revenue and prosperity in the NE corridor.

For more details contact MCM Director: Marvin Perry

Mission Statement

The MCM is a university-community partnership where residents, businesses, public officials, and other stakeholders come together with Morgan's faculty, students, and staff to make the community a better place. Morgan acknowledges the strength and diversity in its surrounding communities and leverages our skills and knowledge, academic research, and community engagement activities to improve and sustain the quality of life in Northeast Baltimore.

Our key initiatives includes the following:

  • Prevent Crime & Ensure Public Health: By developing innovative crime and health awareness and prevention models that keep the communities safe, clean and prosperous. 
  • Economic Development: By helping the community innovate and create business ideas and economic opportunities for residents and business owners
  • Education: By creating innovative educational models to improve student performance outcomes.
  • University and Community Relations: By building better relations between the people of Morgan State University and the rest of the Baltimore community
  • Live, Work, and Spend: To make affordable opportunities for employees at Morgan State University to live, work and spend money in the MCM community.

Strategic Goals

The MCM consists of nine community statistical areas in the one-mile radius of Morgan State University (MSU). Part of MCM's strategic goal is to examine indicator data for each priority areas:

  1. Health and Public Safety 
  2. Education and Youth Development Programs
  3. The Environment
  4. Live, Work and Spend
  5. University and Community Relations

Vision for C.A.R.E.S

C.A.R.E.S. (Culture Art Recreation Entertainment Services) engages in the following activities to enhance the community:

  • Education & Youth Development: We participate in school and community sponsored events.
  • Public Health, Crime & Environmental Safety: We work with the community in keeping it safe, sound and prosperous.
  • Economic Development: We develop strategic goals around building the financial infrastructure of our community partners.
  • Infrastructure Building: We collaborate with our local community partners on fundraisers and grant opportunities.

Economic Development Plans

  • To bring better shopping and entertainment options to MCM communities
  • To invest in job training and entrepreneurship opportunities
  • To create more STEM & Technical Training opportunities
  • To create more start-up businesses within the MCM communities


  • Northeast Community Organization (NECO)
  • Northeast Development Alliance (NEDA)
  • Coldstream, Homestead, Montebello (CHuM)
  • Hamilton-Lauraville Main Streets (HLMS)
  • Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc. (BENI)
  • Harbel Community Organization 
  • Blue Water Baltimore (BWB)
  • MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital
  • Jacob France Institute (University of Baltimore)

Community Events

  • Stop the Violence grant initiative working with the with the Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD) and nearby communities
  • Sponsored the HBCU Solar Energy Summit for the HBCU Clean Energy Coalition
  • Sponsored the DOE Solar Energy Challenge
  • Sponsored annual holiday events with community leaders
  • Sponsored the BCPD Decree community events
  • Co-Sponsored the Hamilton Lauraville Housing Tours
  • Participated in community ribbon cutting ceremonies of new MSU buildings 
  • Participated in the Hamilton Lauraville Farmers Market
  • Participated in community Saturday events at Montebello Lake Park
  • Participated in the Lake Clifton's 21st Century School Project
  • Participated in the Baltimore City Coat Drive and various other holiday events to serve underserved minorities
  • Participated in the K-12 Christmas Toy Drive

MCM Fast Facts

  • Size of MCM: 12.2 Square Miles
  • Number of Census Tracts: 32
  • Number of Baltimore Community Statistical Areas: 9
  • Number of MCM residents: 114,296 individuals in 2010
  • Number of neighborhood associations in MCM: 56+
  • Number of business associations in MCM: 6